Therapy with Daniel

Seeking therapy can be difficult. But you're here, which I think says a lot! Below you can read a bit about how I approach therapy as well as some frequently asked questions. If there's more you'd like to know, please reach out!

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How I Approach Therapy

I primarily approach therapy from a relational, psychodynamic framework, informed by attachment theory, object relations, and neuroscience. Simply put, I believe that our relationships shape us, wound us, and heal us. The "Big T" and "little t" traumas we've suffered impact the way we relate to others and to ourselves. Therapy is a place where we explore how we've been shaped, grieve the pain & loss we've suffered, and try on new ways of relating to ourselves and others.

I approach therapy collaboratively. Consequently, I value honesty in our relationship. I invite you to say the things you might not want to say. Our relationship is a place where it’s okay to bring things that don’t have space in other relationships. This allows us to explore together and bring voice and meaning to your feelings and experience, thus allowing you to be more you.

I strive to understand my clients holistically, and therefore attend to the biological, psychological, social/relational, and spiritual aspects of my client’s situations.

My practice is rooted in the here & now relationship between client and therapist. I seek to bring awareness to what is taking place between the client and myself, both as a means of understanding learned relational patterns and as an invitation to practice new ways of relating.

My work is trauma informed, meaning I believe that our experiences of unmetabolized harm profoundly shape how we are in relation to others. I seek to provide a space where my clients can bring normally overwhelming feelings. Together, we work to better understand and make meaning from their experiences. I also incorporate mindfulness techniques, psychoeducation, and creative expression into my practice.


Who do you work with? I work with adult individuals and couples who are curious to dive deep into the work of being present with themsleves. I think everyone brings a particular beauty to the world.

What do you specialize in? I specialize in couples therapy, spiritual & religious trauma, and life transitions. I draw on several psychotherapeutic techniques, but find the locus of my therapeutic approach to center in our relationship. While primarily focused on existential/meaning making concerns, I also incorporate behavior focused treatment and psychoeducation (e.g family systems theory) into my therapeutic approach.

When working with couples, I draw on Emotionally Focused Therapy principles to help couples communicate at the level of feeling instead of frustration.

It's deeply troubling when somethign we percived as good causes so much harm. I work with people who have experienced religious or spiritual abuse, helping them heal from evil masquerading as good.

Navigating transitions is difficult. Whether you're navigating a transition to retirement, establishing a career in a new place, or discovering yourself after ending a toxic relationship, I work to help you find meaning, purpose, and your own desire in whatever hardship you're facing.

In all of my work, I attend to the wild edge of sorrow.

How much do you charge? I charge $140 for individual 50 minute psychotherapy sessions. For couples, I charge $175 for a 50 minute session. I also offer monthly rates.

Do you take insurance? I am not paneled with any insurance providers. However, I can issue you a superbill (a monthly receipt) that you can submit to your insurance provider for out of network reimbursement. Please check with your insurance provider to learn their policy regarding superbills.

Where will we meet? I am currently seeing clients online through telehealth.

What's your liscense number? I have a Mental Health Councelor Associate License with the state of Washington (MC61288169).

How do I schedule a therapy session? All scheduling is handeled through my client portal. Click here to schedule a consult or intake session.