Let it Snow

Instead of embracing dialogue, people in power often try to control knowledge. What a tragedy. I think the world would be a more beautiful place if we each took the time to listen to what someone else had to say. However, listening is a much more vulnerable, and therefore more difficult, act than controlling the narrative. It requires an openness to the Other, which means I might have to admit that I'm wrong and then make a change. It's no wonder people in power build such intricate propiganda machines.

The Snowflake below lets people who live behind firewalls, where what they see on the internet is limited, access the free and open internet. You can read more about the Snowflake project here. If you want to help out, simply leave this tab open in your browser and turn the Snowflake on.

Freedom is necessary for human flourishing. And while it is good, it does not necessarily make things easier. To all those accessing this snowflake from a country where you could be punished for such behavior, I wish you well.