Something not sounding right?

In the course of my work as a therapist, I've come to see that cars can be a real source of anxiety when something isn't working correctly. Plus, they're expensive to fix. And, how do you even find an honest mechanic? I'd like to help you get back on the road, withouth the worry car repair can cause.

Do you need help with your car?

First off, I'm not a mechanic. I haven't been to mechanic school. And I've never been paid to work on cars. That said, I do all my own car repairs, which has paid for itself! Also, you'll need to be able to bring your vehicle to me. I live on Bainbridge Island.

I offer free or low cost car repair to low income individuals, like single moms and fixed income retirees. If you don't fall into either of those categories, you are welcome to reach out, explain your situation, and ask if I'm willing to help you out.

Since I'm not a professional garage, I may not have the tools needed to complete your repair. Any issues with the inside of your engine I am not equipped to repair. However, if you need something like new brakes, a belt replaced, or your window motor fixed, I can likely get the job done. I'm also willing to give you a second opinion, if you feel like the guy at the shop might be trying to sell you on something you don't need.

How this works.

Step one: fill out this form to let me know about your issue.

Step two: I'll reach out to you to schedule an assessment appointment.

Step three: The assessment apointment. This is when I'll check out your vehicle and give you a list of parts need to complete the repair. If I don't think I'll be able to fix your problem, I'll let you know. It is your responsibility to order and pay for the parts. Once you have the parts, let me know and we'll schedule a repair visit.

Step four: The repair visit. This is where you sip tea while I work on your car. I may have you hand me a wrench or step on the brake pedal while we change the brake fluid.

Step five: Fixed! You drive away in a car with fewer funny noises, and I pat myself on the back for a job well done!